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The hypocrisy and down grading syndrome has caught my attention immensely in this music industry. To be precise if we do not get our acts together, we're always going to be fans and supporters of foreign music.

We keep ranting for aid and support in this industry from investors and other endorsement, but how can we have that, when the sycophancy is becoming the bed rock of our culture. When once we have an investor, our ill ways keep driving them away.

Imagine a Label has a show(VIP) and most of the auxiliaries in the game want to attend for free, and when it comes to promotion, the label pays for air play and other forms of promotion.

There has never been an event where an international Artist will give or pay for any air play to any promoter/DJ in this country, but their sounds keep pounding our ears day on day...

The lack of patriotism is killing not only our entertainment industry but also our future, if we do not change our mentality, perception and ethics towards oneself, we'll regret it in not too distant future. How do we expect this music industry of less than 7mil prospects to grow? If we keep rendering sentiments and pro bono offers.

I implore all in this industry to support one another and ensure we take our music to the peak at which we keep shamefully admiring others. It's no magic, if only we show love and stick to the business principles engagements, we can make it.

My thoughts though!

By Blesz.

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