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Lek U Yone!!!

It's only in Sierra Leone you hear people saying "me ar nor dae listen Salone music o". Shameful. Where is the love and patriotic spirit? How can you not love your own, but try to fake being others?How many educated Sierra Leoneans can eloquently sing the second verse of the national anthem?? Let's stop being what we can never be and strive towards being who we really are.

Listen to Sierra Leone songs, play them everywhere, watch Sierra Leone movies, attend musical concerts, movie premieres etc... Let’s help build and preserve our Art, we're at the brink of losing our values and norms. We've been watching "Nigerian & Ghanaian" movies since way back, complaining about how deplorable their concept and drama were, but yet we never stop patronizing them. Why can't we do the same here with our own, let's criticize and help make the changes applicable on areas they're needed, it's only by so doing our Art will be Acclaimed.

The level of opprobrium in our country is despicable. Please let's all work together and make Sierra Leone a force to reckon with in the region in terms of Artistry.


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